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 cureVision® Web 

 Wound reports, 

 administration and 

 more from your PC 

Edit and complete wound reports on the PC


With cureVision Web:

  • You can now conveniently edit your wound reports on your PC.

  • Complete the cureVision photo documentation for complete wound documentation.

  • Upload wound reports to the patient file with one click.

  • Send wound reports to primary care physicians or other providers with one click.

Wound documentation with cureVision Web

Now at a glance: Healing process and wound calendar


Crucial information at a glance:

  • Healing process over days, weeks and months.

  • Short-term change since the last documentation.

  • Wound calendar for due documentation.

Personalize your wound assessment questionnaire


With cureVision® Web you can easily share your wound assessment questionnaire, customize it to your needs or create a new one.

Do you use the expert standard for the care of people with chronic wounds? You don't have to do anything else! The questionnaire, including the pain scale, is already preset for you.

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Bildschirmfoto 2024-05-02 um 22.49.40.png

View our product catalogue


With cureVision® Web you can access a comprehensive product catalog where you can pre-select your favorites according to your preferences.


Select your favorites so that only the products you choose are available for wound care*.


*When booking the “Careplan” module.

For wound teams and professionals: Reach a new level of quality through approval workflows. Representations within the team or integration of new colleagues? No problem with cureVision® Web! You can also assign individual authorizations to all users if you wish. For example, you can specify whether a created wound report is saved and sent immediately or only after approval by superiors.


Also new: If you wish, you can store multiple locations or departments and assign them to employees. For even more clarity and quality.

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