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 The new era
 of the wound analysis

  For home care and
 wound managementt

Fully automatic & exact wound analysis in seconds

Our developers have successfully tested the cureVision system in continuous exchange with nursing staff. We know the challenges of everyday care and offer the perfect solution for you.

2 minutes instead of 20-
care for up to 3 more patients per day


Save valuable time with a digital prescription proposal

Transparent database also for treating physicians: Share the digital wound report with treating physicians via telemedicine- shafft common database for prescription decisions


cureVision is the perfect one
Wound assistant for on the go


With mobile internet and possible offline use, the cureVision system is the perfect wound assistant on the go.


For wound managers who are "on the road" a lot, the cureVision solution saves them from having to follow up on patients at home or in the car. You complete the digital wound assessment directly on the patient.


Long waiting times for the prescription of dressings & Co are a thing of the past, because:


In the last step, the wound manager can forward the pdf report directly to the doctor - hand in hand with a digital prescription proposal for dressings, also created on the patient.


cureVision supports you in your daily challenge: providing patients with optimal and professional care despite ambitious schedules

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