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The new era of
wound analysis

Fully automatic & exact wound analysis in seconds

Automatic wound detection

without a paper ruler, marker and selecting the wound

Digital wound report
with one click

include in the patient record

MDR-approved & disinfectable system
for 3D wound analysis

exact measurement of size and depth

2 minutes for your wound assessment

90% faster than before


 For hospitals
  and clinics

In 2 steps to a
digital wound report


Step 1

Log in the patient and record the wound at the push of a buttonn.

The tissue analysis and 3D measurement then take place automatically

Step 2

Complete the wound assessment according to expert standards by ticking and entering free text.

Your wound report is ready.

As soon as the wound assessment is complete, you will find the wound report in pdf format in your email inbox.

Now you can save it in the patient's file or share it with other decision-makers, such as the family doctor or relatives.

Clinics receive the transmitted data directly via their interface in the HIS and they are automatically stored in the patient file.

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