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 The new era
 of the wound analysise

Fully automatic & exact wound analysis in seconds

However, studies show that more than 50% of patients do not receive guideline- and phase-compliant care¹. This already starts with the analysis of the wound: the use of paper rulers (!) currently leads to inaccurate and subjective measurement results - although reliable information is the key to a successful therapy decision.

A quantum leap in
wound anamnesis


The two medical technology engineers Richard Fobo and Johannes Ruopp did not want to resign themselves to these deficits and developed a first prototype of the cureVision system - a quantum leap in wound anamnesis, as it would later turn out. Together with Kerstin von Diemar, they founded the company in 2021 and developed the technology to production readiness.


The cureVision solution today is the only MDR-approved & desinfectable system for 3D wound analysis.


The immense potential of cureVision was also recognized by the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship as well as Angels4Health and EIT Health. In cooperation with private investors, they assured cureVision of support and have since been accompanying the company on its mission: to improve the therapy and quality of life of patients with chronic wounds.

2023, cureVision was awarded the German "Startup and Digitalization Award" by the Entscheiderfabrik as the most innovative solution for processes in the healthcare industry. In addition, cureVision is nominated for the Digital Health Award 2023.


The next goal is already in focus: the team is currently working on using the built-in artificial intelligence to check in a personalized manner for each wound treatment whether the selected treatment corresponds to the guideline for this individual wound. In this way, treatment can be decisively improved.

[1] DAK study, quoted: issue-Chronische-Wunden.pdf, p. 27


I have been with cureVision from the very beginning, because the team and the technological progress that has been implemented have convinced me. Artificial intelligence in medical care will become more and more prevalent - for the benefit of patients.

Thomas Merk (Technology Expert)

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