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 The new era
 of the wound analysise

  For hospitals
  and clinics

Fully automatic & exact wound analysis in seconds

Our developers designed the cureVision system in continuous exchange with doctors and successfully tested it in numerous clinics. We know the challenges of everyday hospital life and offer you the perfect solution.

cureVision provides Security:


Our solution is an MDR-approved and disinfectable system for 3D wound analysis.


Your clinic stands for quality in patient care? We support you in the implementation of quality standards in wound analysis/documentation:

  1. Length, width and area are measured precisely and at the push of a button -avoids differences between assessing professionals

  2. Wound depth is automatically recognized non-invasively and without complex methods using artificial intelligenceComprehensible wound healing at a glance

  3. The AI measures the percentage of the three main tissue types granulation, necrosis and fibrin in the wound bed


Digital Wound Reports ensure smooth and efficient processes


  • you create the high-quality photo documentation with one click. It is automatically included directly in the wound report - the time-consuming assignment of images to patients is completely eliminated*

  • Elaborate double documentation due to inadequate photo documentation is avoided - a time-saver for you and your team

  • as a nurse, you complete the documentation directly on the patient. The advantage: You have the wound in front of your eyes at that moment. There is no need to transfer notes to the patient file later.

Integration into HIS systems thanks cureVision Connect


  • cureVision can be used directly without complex IT integration. The wound reports (incl. photo documentation) are securely transferred as pdf and can be dragged into the patient file with a mouse click.

  • For even more convenient management, we provide an interface into your hospital information system (HIS).

  • The cureVision Connect interface controls common systems via GDT or FHIR.

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Did you know? cureVision is an eligible technology within the meaning of the KHGZ (Hospital Future Act)

Support programs such as the KHGZ promote digitalization in hospitals. Seventy percent of the costs are covered by the respective federal state. Another 30% is also covered by the federal state or the hospital operator, often with the support of favorable KFW funds.


cureVision can fall under the following funding categories:

Funding condition 3: IT solutions that increase the availability of care and treatment documentation and at the same time reduce the time and effort required to create it.


Funding condition 4: clinical decision support systems that support physicians and nurses in their decisions regarding the choice of diagnostics, therapy or medication to be carried out.


All costs arising in connection with the introduction of these systems are eligible for funding: Acquisition, individual adaptation of the software, personnel costs for training and maintenance.


We would be happy to provide you with a quote for the purchase of cureVision systems.

Simply contact us or request further information here.

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