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The cureVision 3D wound analysis system

Focus on efficiency

The system, specially developed for wound measurement and analysis, enables important healing parameters to be assessed quickly and objectively. The detailed evaluation of the measurements, also during the healing process, provides the basis for the optimal medical therapy decision.

The patent-pending system was developed in close cooperation with leading wound experts. The development takes into account findings from renowned university clinics in Germany and abroad as well as from outpatient medical practices and care facilities. Special attention was paid to high efficiency in use. CureVision enables wounds on all parts of the body to be recorded in high quality - even during movement. ​

Video shows prototypes


The mobile wound analysis system enables important healing parameters to be recorded quickly and easily. 

Approved medical product according to MDR
Fully disinfectable and fall-proof
More than 12 hours of battery life
One-handed operation possible
Fully lit shots

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cureVision Software

The analysis pipeline based on artificial intelligence determines the following measured values fully automatically in a short time:​

  • Length, width and area 

  • depth and volume

  • Percentage of granulation, fibrin and necrosis in the wound bed

cureVision creates benefits for everyone involved

Doctors & medical specialists
& Caregivers

Improved Therapy Decisions:

Information on wound progression available


Objective measurements

No differences between two measurements

Time saving:

Approx. 90% faster documentation

Patients, relatives and the health system

Shorter, non-invasive examinations

Optimal medical therapy decisions based on transparent and standardized healing data

Reduces the burden of avoidable doctor visits and hospital stays


Telemedical assessment of chronic wounds using a 3D model. 

cureVision makes it possible.

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